October Prez Sez
Happy October Everyone…Okay, now we’re full into the pumpkin spice and apple cider season!

About the time you read this a bunch of us will, are, or did, have a great time at Putnam Park Road Course at our fall Pumpkin Run High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) on October 1st through the 3rd.

If you can, come on out and hang out with us, even if you don’t want to drive on track. If not for this one, we plan on being back here in April for our Spring Brake HPDE. It’s always a great time being together at the track and seeing Porsches in their natural habitat.

Later this month, Judy and I are once again hosting the Winery Tour Drive, Saturday, October 16th. Just to get you all up to date, we were hoping to get back to our “classic” form for the tour. Starting at the Brown County Inn for brunch and driver’s meeting, then enjoying a great drive to the Huber Winery. But this year the Huber Winery was horrible at returning calls and communicating. The last straw was when they told me that there would be no parking attendants, and we would have to park with the general public. So, this year we will still start at the Brown County Inn as usual, then have a great drive to the Patoka Lake Winery.

I had elected to not have Region President listed on my badge, planning on remaining incognito. I was amazed that everyone from National knew who I was. They must have had a class on memorizing all of us.

At every Parade, the National Board members, and staff hold a President’s Reception for all leaders in attendance. All the National people are there, and after they welcome all of us, they serve us the entire evening! I’m not sure how many regions were represented, but there was a great crowd. Our table included the President and Vice President from Alaska. They shared their amazing story on how they made it to French Lick. Can’t wait for the Poconos next year, and hope Pete will get to go and experience this for himself.

Oh, and I can’t forget a big congratulations to Pam Clarino for winning the bestnewsletter in the country from the PCA. We are really proud of the CIRcular!

Hope you all have a fantastic and safe October


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