2021 CIR Election Reults
The members of the 2022 Board of Directors are now official.  22 valid ballots were received by me no later than the November 1 deadline.  There were 14 individual ballots and 8 ballots with both primary and co-member votes, for a total of 30 votes.  Each candidate received 30 yes votes.

In my official capacity as CIRPCA’s 2021 Secretary of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to certify that the vote count is true and accurate, and to officially confirm the newly elected members of our 2022 Board of Directors.  They are:

  • President Pete Walker
  • Vice-President Amanda Brown
  • Secretary Keith Morgan
  • Membership Chair Greg Smith
  • Activities Chair Lisa Krebs

Greg Brown will continue as Treasurer and begin the second year of his two year term in 2022.

Jim Legault
CIR Secretary



December Prez Sez
Happy December everyone!

In just a couple of days we will be enjoying our Annual Dinner and Gift exchange. Since we had to cancel last year, I know I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. I’m hoping everyone made the “nice” list this year for Christmas too!

As this is my last Pres Sez, I want to use my space to praise the wonderful people who made up the board of 2020/2021. They did an incredible job of navigating through some very rough seas!

Pete Walker, Vice President. After the division the club had previously, Pete stepped up to help heal some hard feelings in our club. Pete has done a great job of reaching out to younger members, and standing in for me when I’ve been in Alabama. He will be a great President!

Greg Brown, Treasurer. Greg is in the middle of his two year term. Greg has done a masterful job of getting us out of a bind with the IRS we didn’t even know we had. He is also organizing our financial affairs so it will be a much easier job for his successor. He’s a fantastic watch dog of our money.

Pam & Larry Clarino, Newsletter Editor (Pam). These two have raised our newsletter from what was a good informative club publication, to what I consider a national-worthy magazine. Content and pictures worthy of any nationally available publication on the news stand. And winners of the Best Newsletter in all of PCA for 2021!!!

Amanda Brown, Activities Chair. Along with Amanda, I have to mention Cindy McDaniel. I had talked Cindy into coming back as Activities Chair for 2020/2021. She did an outstanding job up until outside difficulties forced her to give it up. That’s when Amanda saw the need and stepped up. The two of them made the change over seamless. Amanda has done an amazing job hosting our 60th Birthday party, Saturday get togethers, Thursday Happy Hours, and Annual Dinners. I said dinners plural because she had the 2020 dinner all planned before we had to cancel. All that work down the drain.

Bob Snider, Membership Chair. Bob has had I think every job on the board at one time or another. He’s a past President as well. Bob has been on top of communicating with all new members, and keeping track of lapsed members, transfers, and everything. Bob is also our longest active member, and therefore holds our Historian roll. Bob and Brigitta make countless trips down the boring I-69 for events from Muncie.

Mark Westlake, Randy Faunce, Doug DeArmond, and Stacy Kirk, HPDE. Mark is our DE Chair. Mark, Randy, Doug, and Stacy are the guys that do everything to make our DE’s exist. There are many hours spent leading up to each event, and of course managing the event as it goes. Many of you don’t know that the DE’s our club hosts are really the only way the club makes any money. The money made there funds everything else we do. It’s also our greatest financial risk, and when the signups are coming in slow, these guys really sweat!

Last year these guys were able to host the very first fully instructed safe DE in the entire covid country!

Jim Legault, Secretary. Jim volunteered for the job that usually nobody wants. He has done an outstanding job of recording our meeting minutes each month, and filling all the rolls required by our board election process. Jim as a Sim Racing driver, also delivers the monthly state of PCA Sim Racing to the club meetings.

Jimmy Arata, Fort Wayne Liaison. For MANY years, Jimmy has spent countless hours organizing, hosting, attending, raising up Fort Wayne events, and generally holding the group together. Outside the Indianapolis area, Fort Wayne has our largest group of members. Along with their local events, he and Maureen regularly make the drive down boring I-69 to attend central and southern events.

David Weaver, Webmaster. David has spent countless hours working to continuously improve our website. This is no easy task, as this is an ever changing landscape. We enjoy easy signup for events and club information at our fingertips. Absolutely none of this happens by accident, but with a great deal of work and knowledge.

These are the people who have worked the last two years to keep our club operating with fun and safe events. Their ideas, effort, and club dedication has enabled us to come through this crazy time stronger than the club has ever been.

With that I give you all my thanks,


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