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Central Indiana Region of the Porsche Club of America

The Central Indiana Region Porsche Club of America is a car club dedicated to Porsche owners. It is comprised of and dedicated to Porsche owners and their family and friends.  It is a totally non-profit organization managed entirely by volunteers.

The goal of the club is to provide activities for existing members to maintain their interest in the club and the club’s events and activities at both the local and national level. An additional part of club goals is to continue to expand on existing events and activities that will interest non-members and encourage them to join.

The CIR maintains this interest by continually expanding and varying the planned events and activities sponsored by the club. It fills nearly every weekend of the year, sometimes having more than one club sponsored event in a single weekend.

Event themes also vary.  It has community themed events including philanthropic fund raising and community enrichment.  Some are informal social get gatherings for the whole family with others being more formal. It offers car themed CIR Mystery Tour events from tech sessions to driver education.

The club uses its web site for its repository to remind members of its historical beginnings, by-laws and founders. The web site is also the source of past, current and future events.  It maintains images of club sponsored events and of members’ cars.  The web site is a place to thank financial sponsors who help to subsidize many of the club’s activities.  The site is also a place for the current president to speak to members about club past and future activities and to recognize member achievements.  Members can peruse club newsletters as well.

The CIR contacts members via emails to inform them of club related information and activities that may be of interest to them.  These activities include local  and national events or simply new web site features available for their use.

Click club Calendar of events to see past, current or future events.

Overall, the CIR has events “geared” towards all Porsche owners, regardless of their reason for purchasing their Porsche.  Moreover, the club continues to expand the number and type of events and activities offered to members and prospective members

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Central Indiana Region Counties

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