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PCA Membership Benefits

In the theme of maximizing the fun in this club, your new President and First Lady showing that they are willing to do whatever it takes! LOL

Own a Porsche? Live near central Indiana? 18 years of age or older? This is all it takes to join the Porsche Club of America, the best known car club in America.

our Halloween host and hostess – THANK YOU!  Bruce and Val Fleischmann

This automatically gives you the opportunity to share your love of Porsches with the more twelve-hundred members of the Central Indiana Region of the PCA.

The CIR has been providing Porsche owners with a variety of driving, social and charitable events for more than fifty years. We have events to match your level of involvement. We have driving tours, driver education weekends and we even promote a special driving class to help teenagers survive in unexpected, everyday situations they encounter on the roads through our Street Survival program. Like to eat? We have dinners; we have lunches; and we have at least two breakfast gatherings every month, one in Indianapolis or surrounding area and the other in or around Ft Wayne.

The CIR has some type of event nearly every weekend. Some weekends have two or three events in different parts of the state. Simply view the CIR  Calendar to see these activities. You get to read more club news in our CIRcular newsletter. You get emails from the club with reminders of upcoming events.

Randy Faunce at the track
Randy Faunce at the track

Not only does the CIR have more than 650 primary members, we also have over 350 family (affiliate) members. Who better to enjoy your incredible car with than a family member? And to bring the family member into the club with you doesn’t cost a thing.

Porsche Tractor Don Shuck, Indianapolis – 1963 Tractor

There’s more! Your membership from PCA includes a subscription to Porsche Panorama. You get access to the PCA’s The Mart and the CIR’s For Sale and Wanted classified ads and much more. Best of all, the membership is only $46.00 per year!

Click here to find out more about Joining the PCA.

Get started enjoying new events with new friends by joining the PCA today by clicking here!

Go to www.PCA.org or call (410)381-0911. Don’t forget, when applying, select the Central Indiana Region.