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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The CIR encourages members to make contributions to the CIRcular newsletter and website.  These items can be anything Porsche, PCA, Zone or CIR related. It must be family friendly and follow the guidelines below.

  1. Items can be Porsche related activities
  2. New car products that you endorse (and why you endorse them) such as car polishes/waxes
  3. Drive destinations you’d like to see or have taken
  4. Upcoming events or events that you would like to see upcoming
  5. The medium of the submission can be Word document , plain text or other “common” file format types.

Please submit the piece a month prior to beginning of the next quarter.  This does not guarantee that the item will appear in that quarter’s issue of the newsletter. Consideration is given to the item’s content, size and available space in the newsletter for that time period are all related factors.

Clearly, as with all things,  there will be different perspectives.  The CIR has the final decision in all discussions.

We look forward to your submission to the newsletter editor.

Thanks so much for your participation.

For any questions, suggestions or comments about this please send our president a message.