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September Prez Sez
Happy September everyone! 

Most of you know I love summer and warm (hot) temperatures. But this time of year even I start thinking of bonfires, pumpkins, hot chocolate, and all fun things that Fall has to offer.

Fall is frequently a fantastic time for great driving weather. Cool enough for windows and tops down without the A/C on.

Two of our great drives are coming up this month. The Kunstfest weekend drive to New Harmony, and the “Going to the Dogs” drive to the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. Fun, fun, fun.

Of course we have a full array of other activities mixed in with these two. But I’m just thinking driving!

Judy and I always try to squeeze in at least a couple of trips in the motor home in the Fall too. You know, it’s really just a big Porsche. (VBG). Madison, and Nashville Indiana are two of our favorites. Who knows maybe if we’re somewhere in the motor home, I’ll throw out an email blast and invite everyone to come over for an impromptu car show! Keep your eyes open.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy this month, and have a great time!


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