Zone 4
Alton Dice Award


Throughout the early years there had been conversation in the region about an annual award to recognize member participation. Finally, in 1973, the Alton Dice Award was instituted. The award was named for Alton Dice of Peru, IN who was a very active member beginning in the mid '60's. In May, 1970 Mr. Dice suffered a fatal heart attack just before the start of an event in Indianapolis. The rules for the award have changed some over the years and there have been two years in which it was not awarded. For several years the practice was to present a trophy for the recipient to keep and also have a traveling trophy bearing the names of all the winners. In 1984, space on the traveling award was exhausted so it was retired to that years' recipient.


2017 Don Shuck

2016 David Weaver

2015 Steve Tarr

2014 Larry Haskett

2013 Debbie Groulik

2012 George Barker

2011 Tom Brentlinger

2010 Pam and Scott Ferguson

2009 Not Awarded

2008 Chris Langsenkamp

2007 George Barker

2006 Peter Simpson

2005 Kent Summers

2004 Jim Scarbrough

2003 Tom Brentlinger

2002 Mike Dworek

2001 Ron & Irene Sabelhaus

2000 Harold Crane

1999 Chuck Langsenkamp

1998 Randy Campbell

1997 Debbie Wolfe

1996 Hank Feeser

1995 Judy Robins

1994 Steve Ooley

1993 Not Awarded

1992 Bob Snider

1991 Not Awarded

1990 Chuck Langsenkamp

1989 Bob Snider

1988 Not Awarded 

1987 Bob Axsiom

1986 Bob Breeden

1985 Wayne Johanning

1984 Mike Robbins

1983 Chuck Langsenkamp

1982 Vic Maxwell

1981 Al Maxwell

1980 Joan Dodd

1979 Greg Lane

1978 Dave Kaiser

1977 Phil Allgood

1976 Agnes Howe

1975 Erwin Dollinger

1974 Phil Allgood

1973 Mike Robbins

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